About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Raana . Currently I am doing my Master of Teaching (Secondary Education) at Victoria University. In 2006 I received my Bsc in Textile Engineering ( also known as textile technology which is the study of  various principles from engineering and scientific methodologies to be implemented for the processing and production of all kinds of textile fabric and yarns from textile fibers). I worked as an engineer and researcher in an industrial company afterwards when I decided to try my hands at ESL teaching. Since then I taught English as a second language for almost five years and received my Cert TESOL certificate in 2010. At the present I work as a salesperson in the field of Technology along with my studies. I have always been good with technology and computers, though not considering myself as a computer whiz, but I rate my level of computer and internet skills as high.
The reason why I chose to study this unit mainly stems from my passion for IT and technology stuff. At the same time the importance of using computers and intranet skills as an essential tool  in the development of our classes encouraged me to take this subject to acquire and implement the knowledge of various technologies in my teaching career in the future in order to take the advantage of these technological tools to reach the students and have them understand better my lessons fulfilling their needs.


3 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi Raana,
    We have embarked on this e-learning journey together and have already collaborated and shared our knowledge, I wonder what the next week will bring?

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